District 9


  • Clifton
  • Crescent Hill
  • Irish Hill

Suburban Cities within District 9

  • Bellewood
  • Brownsboro Village
  • Druid Hills
  • Richlawn
  • Parts of Saint Matthews
My Plans
  • Engage Metro agencies and departments to promote priorities that best represent District 9 and Louisville Metro
  • Promote early project engagement with investors, designer and developers working in District 9
  • Vigilantly pursue and correct property maintenance deficiencies through public investment and volunteer collaboration
  • Maintain balance between preservation, investment and redevelopment
  • Improve public safety through public involvement and community engagement
  • Use, expand and monitor the effectiveness of Metro Call
  • Use a fix it first approach to sustain existing infrastructure and rebuild only when repairs are not enough
  • When possible, pursue low effort / high impact initiatives
  • Pursue procedural changes in the entitlement processes that encourage new investment
  • Work to improve Metro’s customer service culture
  • Measure progress using evidence-based processes
  • Use landscape performance measures to improve neighborhood health outcomes and quality of life
  • Monitor the Brightside Cleanliness Index and support neighborhood green teams to help to reduce litter
  • Use community engagement to assess and prioritize neighborhood walkability, tree canopy and property maintenance concerns